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to the same emissions oversight as other energy industry sectors. the environmental integrity project -- the lead organization behind the request -- says companies, especially those that conduct fracking, should have to report their emissions to the toxic release inventory, or tri. in a statement, the group said -- the request comes on the heels of recent studies alleging increased health risks in communities exposed to fracking. a survey by earthworks of residents in 14 pennsylvania counties found that fracking has led to 80% increase in sinus problems and 70% increase in throat irritation. a recent u.s. geological survey study in wyoming found that fracking chemicals have again been found in the groundwater of the town of pavillion, affirming the conclusion of an epa study last year. a leading pakistani politician and campaigner against u.s. drone attacks was detained and questioned over his political views on friday while trying to enter the u.n. states. imran khan says he was taken off a flight from toronto to new york and interrogated by u.s. agents about his public opposition to
or south america. you go back to the 1940's, the state department recognize that the energy resources of the middle east are what they called one of the greatest material prices in world history. spectacular source of strategic power. if we can control middle east energy, we can control the world. take a look at the u.s.-british coup in iran in 1953. a very important event. shadows cast over the world until today. that was a pretense, was part of the cold war but had nothing to do the cold war. it had to do with fear. it was not even concerned with access to oil or profits. it was concerned with control. control of the oil resources of iran, in fact, the region. that is a theme that runs right through policy decisions not discussed much, but very important to have control. as advisers pointed out in the 1940's, if you can control the oil, you can control most of the world. and that goes on so far, the threat of the arab spring has been pretty well contained in the oil dictatorships, which of the most important ones for the west, every effort to join the arab spring has just been crush
categories. we spent a lot of time talking about where we were going to get energy. but we didn't talk about how we were going to regulate the uses of the energy and the getting of the energy. and we didn't talk about the effects of the ways we would get it on either the environment or, more broadly, on the globe. >> nonetheless, did the debates matter? do you think they've had an impact on the campaign? >> yes, and what we, what we saw across the debates is what we expected to see. we saw learning about those issues that were addressed. more accurate placement of candidates on the areas in which they differ. what we didn't see is more accurate placement on areas that they're similar because the news never stresses areas in which they're similar. but nonetheless, we've seen learning across the debates in our annenberg survey. >> but my sense is that when there is no penalty for lying or as jonathan swift says in the last part of "gulliver's", for saying the thing that is not so, that the things one learns about what people say are completely irrelevant. governor romney has changed his positi
energy companies work to repair downed power line millions suspect another night without electricity. it may be over a week before power is restored in some places. as dawn broke this morning parts of the subway heaved into motion for the first time since sunday night. commuters eager to return to work with restrictions to auto transport. few in the northeast have not felt the effects of hurricane sand y. experts estimate the disaster will cost up to $50 billion but none forgot i that the true cost of the hurricane lies in the lost of human life. as we learn more about the events of this week some question about greater preparedness could have helped avert tragedy. an equally important question what is the relationship between these frequent hurricanes, sea level and desire to live next to the water. we look at the question of the relationship between the devastation of hurricane sandy and the rise of global warming. today michael bloomberg of new york endorsed president obama. here's part of what the mayor said. our climate is changing and while the increase in extreme weather we
is in what she calls her sacred space. >> i feel the universe. i feel energy. i feel mysterious forces working through my body and i see them in other people. >> reporter: weeks is among the 46 million americans that our poll found have no religious affiliation, almost one in five. but they're not entirely secular. about a third describe themselves as "spiritual, but not religious." >> yeah, i think that's a pretty good description. as a matter of fact i think i say that all the time. i'm spiritual, but not religious. >> i definitely don't call myself religious at all so i would think i am spiritual, where i believe we're all connected in some way but i'm not religious in any way. >> reporter: kim weeks has come a long way from the conservative southern methodist church of her childhood and the religious home she grew up in. >> we didn't go so far as do regular bible readings but we weren't that far from it. i mean god was, and jesus, were both present in our daily lives, and a daily discourse. >> reporter: things began to change when she was 12. her parents divorced and she started qu
support among party faithful. >> this is so heartening, so encouraging. the kind of energy we feel here, we have been feeling all across ohio. >> he has tried to turn the weather to his advantage, focusing on of the most critical battlegrounds, the midwestern state of ohio. incredibly, having come from behind, mitt romney is now neck- and-neck with barack obama in many of the crucial swing states. these romney supporters, with little more than a week ago, are beginning to claim victory. in contrast, mr. obama in washington yesterday was burdened with double trouble, faced with a desperately tight election race, but now some campaign plans disrupted by the need to leave the nature -- -- lead the nation through the weather emergency. at least it is a chance to look and sound presidential. with just a week ago and the race in a dead heat, no campaign stunt is too much trouble, even for the wives of the candidates. michelle obama on a tv comedy show literally getting the votes out early, to give the democrats the advantage. and ann romney appealing to the undecided women voters that republ
not changed its nuclear energy policy despite rising opposition to nuclear plants in germany and other european countries. but horizon's parent companies in germany have been looking to sell the company shares. hitatchi's nuclear power project faces an uncertain future in japan after last year's accident at the fukushima daiichi plant. the company hopes the deal will help it win nuclear power contracts in both industrialized nations and emerging economies. >>> auto makers are struggling in china. strained relations between the countries are affecting sales there. mitsubishi motors is reporting lower sales in the country but growth in southeast asia can make up for the lost revenue. the mitsubishi motors president revealed the firm had cut its sales target in china by over 40%. that's to 42,000 units for the business year through march. he said he is cautious about the outlook for china but strong sales in especially thailand and indonesia should support the firm's business. he said it'll be enough to meet mitsubishi's target of $1 billion in operating profit. executives at another japa
. most are motivated by the sights, the nature, and the physical energy that it builds.
. also, the world bank says burma and will get its first development plan. and, tackling the energy question. human rights groups have condemned a video posted on the internet which appears to show syrian rebels of executing captured government soldiers. amnesty international says if confirmed, it constitutes a war crime. we are asking whether this is something new. >> it has happened before. but now it is becoming more and more obvious that the rebels are committing killings like the regime, and at the same level, both of them. it is just days before a big conference in doha where the opposition is asked to unified under one group, in order to bid but to lead the rebels on the ground, because there's a big discrepancy between the political leadership and the rebels on the ground who are fighting, in their aspirations, in the way they are conducting their rebellion. >> are they out of control? who is funding these groups? whether it coming from -- where are they coming from? clerk this is a rebel informed by several groups. this is not the regular army. it happened in many revolutio
patterns and pushed the cold air down, in essence, super energized the storm. it added a lot of energy and geographic reach to the storm, and made it not just an ordinary hurricane but this much more extreme event. that is a good illustration. it is not that there wod nott have been a hurricane. there would have been a hurricane either way, bu became an extraordinary hurricane combined with this cold air from over canada. it seems, as a result of the larger atmospheric patterns change. >> paul barrett, talk about the european insurance company. can you talk about what they are seeing in saying? >> absolutely. i thought it was relevt after serving some of the signs to talk about this really interesting report from a german insurance company. it is the insurance that is purchased by other insurance companies as back up insurance. munich re is a company that in one sense that compiles data in a bloodless, profit oriented way in order to figure out what the costs are going to be related to storm hazards among other disasters. this report was put out on october 17, before the storm, before
guess i was looking more for a new york energy and it didn't have it. so i then went to london, 1976, to study kpun cases. i went to california to do international relations then went to london-- it was really just any excuse to be able to be kept by my parents in a way. in london i fell into photography. >> rose: how did you fall into it. >> it's a really funny story. i believe so much that things come to you. and basically i went to a friend's house for lunch and there was a foted owe of himself on his mantle piece. and i said what a great photograph. and he told me this girl studying photography here took it. i said i have always heard of this girl i would love to meet her. i went to meet her at her school. when a rifed if he school she said to me what are you doing. i said well i have applied to the university. and they have me don't need me for next year but i need a school if i want to stay because i need a student visa. she said why don't you join the school. an eye rannian girl left the school we are only six students and if you can afford it they will probably accept you. i
which will create the jobs, be the energy to small businesses start growing again. >> we asked the experts whether reproductive rights is a decisive issue for women voters this year. >> it is for the barack obama campaign. they think that's the way they're going to keep their women. suggest that women would vote about who's going to pay for their contraception, that is more of an issue than are my loved ones working, am i working, are my kids going to have an opportunity when they graduate from college. >> the president especially lately, as of late, he has said, you know, look, he doesn't believe that men should be legislating women's bodies and he supports, uh, he really supports women in that way in making sure that they have what they need. with, you know, the different characters out there, making statements about rape and about abortion and how they feel about it and he basically says, you know, look, we should not be deciding that. >> and the experts' views on swaying undecided women voters? >> this election is about the future, it's about how we move forward. i think it
and deficit and job creation in the short-term and focus on to the big issues like energy and immigration but they are all hard. >> rose: don't you think that the public, i am asking, i am real naive about this, they want boldness, they want leadership, they want someon someone that wl level with them or not? in the end you think the evidence that the road to believing what the naivete of me is strewn with the bodies of defeated politicians. >> well i am not sure anyone i can think of has tried at the level of specificity that would be required in this case. i don't know that we have any strewn bodies to look at. >> in other words -- >> the bodies nobody would even try it. >> it would be mice if a michael bloomberg had run or somebody could run and put pressure on them, the way per rote, perot put president on bush 41, but perot didn't do it by being particularly specific but did it by talking about the issues. >> rose: focus on the problems. they do a bit of that, the fiscal cliff. >> they do, but i will single out governor romney in one specific but the same applies to the president on
. >> rose: because it's live? >> because you get-- there's-- yeah, because there's an energy you get from it. you know. i like doinga what i'm doing. i like directing. i like acting on stage. and then i like acting on film. . >> rose: and you can do them all. >> well, i can try. >> rose: plus whatever this is, you can be cool. >> year, right. >> rose: this is not the guy i saw the backside of. >> oh, man that was-- that was skinny man. it i lost, like, 15 pounds just to do that-- i put it all back on, too. that's cool. >> rose: great to see you. >> my pleasure. >> rose: thank you, great to see you. >> thank you. >> rose: the movie is called "flight" it opens friday, november 2. "flight." back in a moment, stay with us. sheila bair is here. she served as chairman of the federal deposit chairman insurance corporation, known as f.d.i.c., from july 2006 until july 2011. she was one of the key players in the government's response to the financial crisis and among the first to identify the foreclosure problem and call for action to help troubled homeowners. her leadership of the f.d.i.c. through i
Search Results 0 to 28 of about 29 (some duplicates have been removed)